The Family Estate & Legacy Program

Module 2: Goals & Responsibility Conversation

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As we begin our initial conference, we will ask you what goals are most important to you and what concerns or obstacles may currently stand in the way of achieving those goals. This will form the basis of your estate planning strategies, and provide us valuable insight into your mindset. We will also review who should make decisions for you if you could no longer do so for yourself, which is an often neglected but vital element to your estate plan. Finally, we’ll discuss who might be the best party to handle all of the responsibilities necessary to carry out your final wishes and directions.

Module 1: Organizer

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It all starts with your Client Organizer that you complete and which gives us a starting point to analyze your current situation. It also provides us the facts that we need to ask you the right questions pertinent to you. The Client Organizer should be completed as thoroughly as possible. The information that you provide is confidential, and is important for us to provide the best legal advice during our initial conference.